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June 1, 2020

The New Zealand National Liturgy Office indicates that the second period of Ordinary Time which  “runs like a great river through the middle of each year, carrying us through the winter and spring months.”

Our journey through the seasons of Lent and Easter have been an experience we could never had expected. In the Church, we now find ourselves back in the season of Ordinary Time. What we are currently experiencing in the world is far from ordinary. 

It might be helpful to note that Ordinary Time actually refers to the tradition of numbering (with ‘ordinal’ numbers) the Sundays of the liturgical year and the Lectionary rather than referring to a time of ‘normality.’ This then leads us to ask, how can we enter into this season of Ordinary Time in an extraordinary way – aware of everything that is going on in the church and the world around us?

The National Liturgy Office also reminds us that in this season of Ordinary Time “the Gospel readings lead us to reflect upon the life and ministry of Jesus and their application for our lives and spiritual growth.” Each week, the ‘United in Prayer’ resource encourages us to embark on this journey, by drawing on Scripture, the liturgy and at times a variety of Christian art, literature and music. We invite you to continue to use this resource however best suits you and we hope it can accompany you on the journey traveling the “great river” of Ordinary Time. 

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