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June 25, 2020



12th Sunday in Ordinary Time

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Take a moment to still yourself. Take a deep breath and ask God for a renewed sense of presence with you in this moment.

Opening Prayer

God of power and might, you shield us from all harm by the power of your redeeming love. Protect us in our weakness: make us strong in our faith: keep us in your path, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

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Matthew 10:26-33

 Jesus instructed the Twelve as follows: ‘Do not be afraid. For everything that is now covered will be uncovered, and everything now hidden will be made clear. What I say to you in the dark, tell in the daylight; what you hear in whispers, proclaim from the housetops.

‘Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul; fear him rather who can destroy both body

and soul in hell. Can you not buy two sparrows for a penny? And yet not one falls to the ground without your Father knowing. Why, every hair on your head has been counted. So there is no need to be afraid; you are worth more than hundreds of sparrows.

‘So if anyone declares himself for me in the presence of men, I will declare myself for him in the presence of my Father in heaven. But the one who disowns me in the presence of men, I will disown in the presence of my Father in heaven.’

This section is designed to be adapted depending on how you are gathering to pray. These are links to external resources for children and young people. There is also a reflection which can be used by individuals or adapted to be used in groups.

For Everyone

After reading the Gospel, is there anything in particular that stands out for you? Consider the following questions. You may like to re-read the Gospel.

I think about my life:

  • What is God asking me to listen to?
  • What does God want me to pay attention to?
  • What is God prompting, directing, leading and guiding me to in this reading?

I think about my community and the world:

  • What is God asking of us at this time?
  • What is God wanting us to attend to in our community and our world?
  • What is God prompting, directing, leading and guiding us towards?

In this Gospel, after having called and sent the disciples on mission, Jesus teaches and prepares them to face trials and persecution. Pope Francis reflected on this Scripture saying that “there is no Christian mission marked by tranquillity! … difficulties and tribulations are part of the work of evangelisation … we must consider these difficulties as the opportunity to be ever more missionary and to grow in that trust toward God.”

Jesus says three times in the Gospel passage, “do not be afraid… do not be afraid … there is no need to be afraid.” Pope Francis reflects on this saying to us, “let us not forget these words: always, when we experience any tribulation, any persecution, anything that causes us to suffer, let us listen to the voice of Jesus in our hearts saying “do not be afraid… do not be afraid … there is no need to be afraid.”

Through these words we are invited to trust God. Jesus uses a common bird to illustrate this trust. If God knows even when a sparrow falls, how much more attuned is He to your thoughts, concerns, deepest worries? We are called to a bold and courageous trust. May we choose to see the moments in our lives where we are given opportunities to grow in trust and be ready to share this trust in our God with others.

Closing Prayer

Lord Jesus, you are peace for our journey, you are rest on our way and you are the promise of home at day’s end. Loving God, may we find courage and strength in your words, in your presence and the confidence that you know and love us. Amen.

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