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May 27, 2021

“We are like so many grains of sand, all of us are different and unique, but together we can form a beautiful beach, a true work of art… We are all in the same boat and we are called to commit ourselves so that no more walls separate us, so that there are no longer others but only one we, a we as wide as all of humanity.”

This video begins with #PopeFrancis’s Message, which pays special attention to the care of the family and the common home in order to bring about an ever more encompassing and welcoming “we”.

Te Rau Aroha

Tēnei mātou, this is us 

No te Rau Aroha, from Te Rau Aroha 

Te Rohe Pīhopa o Te Papaioea the Diocese of Palmerston North 

E karanga atu nei the call which goes out 

E tū atu nei that stands 

Tuku reo aroha for the love (also a reference to our place Te Rau Aroha) 

Huia, tuia, tui, tuia that gathers us and binds us  

Tuia, hui e taiki ee binding us  

Hui e, Taiki e. Together. Amen.  


Music by Jenny McLeod and words by Korty Wilson – October 2018 

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