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October 26, 2021

Tips for promoting the Synod in your parish

Have some paper copies of the ‘Participation Booklet‘ at the back of the Church for people to pick up.

Put a poster up in the foyer, meeting rooms, office etc.

Use your parish app, newsletter, email distribution groups and social media to promote the Synod and advertise groups.

Encourage parishioners to sign up to the digital Diocesan Newsletter to receive regular content about this process. You can advertise: https://pndiocese.org.nz/newsletter

Reach out to those on the peripheries. Have a notice in your parish newsletter encouraging parishioners to forward the link to the “Online Response Tool” (available on our website) to family members, friends, or acquaintances who don’t feel connected to the Church.

Ask your local school to promote ways parents can participate in the process (through email, newsletters, school app etc.)

Make a list of all groups in the parish and make contact with key leaders, inviting them to participate in this process (to gather in some way and make a submission).

Key information and resources about the Synod can be accessed at https://pndiocese.org.nz/synod


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