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February 17, 2022


We recall that the purpose of the Synod, and therefore of this consultation, is not to produce documents, but “to plant dreams, draw forth prophecies and visions, allow hope to flourish, inspire trust, bind up wounds, weave together relationships, awaken a dawn of hope, learn from one another and create a bright resourcefulness that will enlighten minds, warm hearts, give strength to our hands.”

Synod Preparatory Document, 32 

We are currently in the Summary Stage of the local synodal process.


Collection of the various resources produced to enable participation in the submission phase of Synod 2021-2023.

This translation of the prayer has been made available and shared with permission from the Diocese of Auckland.

Ehara taku toa, i te toa takitahi, ēngari e toa takitini.

My success is not mine alone, it is ours. The greatest success we will have is from working together.

About these carvings

These carvings are from the entrance to Te Rau Aroha, The Diocesan Centre in Palmerston North. This centre is a place of work, gathering, training, formation and celebration and the carvings illustrate the connection with the Mana Whenua (home people) of the region, Rangitane. 

A new age is expressed by the use of the traditional (red, white and black) and more specifically the new colours. This symbolises the ever evolving nature of the church, the faith and our diocese.

The apex of the carvings, pictured here, represents the people embracing Christianity. This is represented by a figure representing the people, Māori and settlers, who have come to embrace Christianity.

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