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September 16, 2022

There are many diverse experiences of belonging.

Many other participants were struck by this – “Our Marae is where we as Maori can go to express every part of our being”, reflecting upon whether they could say the same for themselves in the Church.

Often more than parishes, schools were considered welcoming, inclusive, and supportive. The Catholic school is turangawaewae, a place of belonging. While catholic schools are excellent examples of belonging/inclusiveness and were termed “agents for change,” the pressure schools are under to strengthen students’ faith, often without support from parents, parish, and clergy, was highlighted.

Participants have expressed a desire that the Church will be turangawaewae.

The Marae, with its generous hospitality and song filled occasions, was presented as a stark contrast to the Sunday Mass.

“[We] want, and require, more engagement and inspiration from the faith community – particularly physical connections in the form of youth groups and bible studies. Young people want and need to feel connected to the Church.”

This series of videos aims to explore ‘where to from here’ and captures some of the key themes that emerged in the synodal process in the Diocese of Palmerston North.

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