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September 21, 2022

There was a strong call in the submissions for changes to current leadership models.

Things that need to be addressed in relation to leadership:

    • representation of diversity in leadership roles
    • co-responsible, shared leadership models
    • clericalism
    • more lay leadership
    • involvement of women
    • other excluded groups
    • more transparency about decision making.

Although some of the areas highlighted as in need of change require journeying with the global Church, there are other areas where korero can take place locally to move towards renewed and inclusive leadership models.

Many in the diocese are unfamiliar with synodality This was further impacted by the fact that this diocese is currently led by administrators and not a diocesan bishop.

In many places in the diocese it is still predominantly older New Zealand Europeans who assume leadership or decision-making roles, despite the changes in demographics of those who regularly participate in parish life.

There was a strong call for less clericalism, and clerical leadership, and instead to move towards more lay leadership, and more opportunities for involvement by women and from other thus far excluded groups. There was also a call in the submissions for more transparency.

There is a pressing need to review the lack of formal synodal structures within the diocese and to consider what is possible.

There is a need to review how decision-making processes can be more inclusive.

“A Church in which laypeople will be truly involved in shared and equal leadership, decision-making and the pastoral structure of the Church, with committed clergy who have the option of being married.”

“I am a bit confused at the reason why women can’t be priests. What rights do men have that women don’t?”

“The traditional approach or model of authority and governance needs to change fundamentally. There needs to be a re-imagining of the governing structure, and the role of the parish priest.”

This series of videos aims to explore ‘where to from here’ and captures some of the key themes that emerged in the synodal process in the Diocese of Palmerston North.

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