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November 7, 2022

Parishes may wish to consider including petitions within the Prayer of the Faithful that connect to young people and raise the assembly’s awareness of the importance and contribution of youth and young adults to the parish and world.


Prayers of the Faithful for Feast of Christ the King | World Youth Day – 20 November 2022

On the Solemnity of our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, parishes may include a petition in the Prayer of the Faithful for World Youth Day. Some suggestions are:

1) For the Church, that she may genuinely accompany the faithful, especially youth and young adults, in service to Christ the King, we pray to the Lord.

2) For young community leaders inspired by Jesus Christ, King of the Universe, who strive to defend the dignity of human life and foster peace and harmony across cultures and people, we pray to the Lord.

3) For young people who are sick and suffering from mental or physical disabilities, that they may experience the healing of Christ the King, we pray to the Lord.

4) For youth and young adults who teach, witness, and share their faith that God may strengthen them in their vocation, we pray to the Lord.


In your parish:

  • Welcome your young people – thank them for being present
  • Encourage and celebrate their presence and participation in the Sunday Eucharist
  • Following Mass have a social gathering 

Other ways to celebrate:

  • Have the young people of your parish lead and be a part of your Advent initiatives.
  • Organize a Parish Rosary Walk or Pilgrimage
  • Organize a youth group gathering celebration or party

As a community member:

  • Pray for a young person of your community
  • Consider donating your time or an item to a service organization that supports the young people of your community.
  • Have Mass offered for the students at the school(s) associated with your parish

Prayer for Youth and Young Adults from the USCCB

Download a copy here.

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